not all classrooms have four walls



Dream. Discover. Explore.

Group travel provides students and teachers with experiences that go beyond the classroom. We work with a private educational tour company entitled EF [Education First] Tours that is devoted to providing intellectual stimulation. Traveling is a journey of a lifetime and our goal as educators is to open the hearts and minds of our students to understand and discover themselves and the world around them. Travel is a personal transformation where you encounter various wonders and interesting sites.  It is a great way to introduce students to foreign cultures and it will affect each traveler in a meaningful way. To see the world is to know it and we believe it is never too early for students to experience the world. It will inspire them to be global citizens for life. 


This educational travel program is a terrific way for a student to discover and see the world in a safe environment provided by the experienced group leader Ms. Tedeschi along with a dream team of chaperones. Travel adventures and experiences forge connections across cultures from meeting local people to climbing the stones of ancient ruins. Our travels will provide information, fascination, fun, enchantment and learning. Each traveler will come back and be able to say, "Look what I have learned and what I know." 

*Created by Camille Tedeschi & Pamela Piffard 

 -last updated November 2018